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Chris Govier has been tattooing professionally since 1995, originally starting out with his own studio (Body Art Tattoo). Chris is self-taught and worked steadily to produce superb works of art. Since then, Chris has worked with various other studios, and has gained a loyal client base along the way.

Chris loves the small intricate details in each piece and aims to get as close to the original design as possible. He also really enjoys big free flowing coloured-ink pieces as well. Chris is mostly renowned for his photo-realistic and portrait work, which is second to none, and is probably the most difficult of all ink work to replicate perfectly.

In his first year within the industry Chris won the ‘Best Black & Grey’ award from the Welsh Tattoo Convention. Furthermore, he continued to win first place awards throughout the next decade in various other shows. While winning awards, Chris has also featured in a number of magazine articles throughout his career.

Some of his other awards and achievements include:

  • Twice voted within the ‘Top 100 Tattoo artists in Europe’ alongside the best in the industry as chosen by SkinDeep readers.
  • In Dragon Inkfest 2008, Chris won the ‘Best Tattoo in Show’ award.

As of August 2008, Chris returned to running his own studio again in Swansea. Finally, whether you’re a regular or you are looking to have your first tattoo you can expect the best that the tattoo industry has to offer.

Chris Govier’s Gallery

Below is some of the work produced by Chris Govier over the years. For his BME portfolio, please click here.

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